Monday, March 19, 2007

Bush said he'd unite the country

Well Bush and Cheney and all their ilk caused this. They preyed on the ignorants in this country who thought they were doing the patriotic thing following their president on any of his agenda. Now we have a lot of hate building up in this country and I can only assume the devil, otherwise known as Cheney, feeds off this. I learned not long after 9/11 doing what any responsible adult should do.. research everything that was going on, don't buy into anything without doing your homework, that there's a lot of drama, unethical behavior and incompetence that's been going on in this administration. From the beginning of this presidency, long before 9/11, Bush took 11 trips back to his ranch the 1st eight months in office. He and his administration ignored CIA reports of a likely and pending' attack by Bin Laden.. they ignored it and he went fishing. So not only did he not do his job as president of this country to protect us, he then went into Iraq and sold the bush sheep in this country on the idea there was a connection. Cheney was behind all this too, long before 9/11, the evidence available all over the internet is overwhelming of Cheney's obsession with Iraq.

I hate these bastards. Impeachment then trial for war crimes, if we don't get this, our country will never have justice.
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