Sunday, March 18, 2007

Death Squads

I happened to flip on CNN just as they began to show a snippet of a program that was to air later in the evening. The program, "Death Squads" is hosted by John Roberts and the small segment I saw right then, I found rather sad. It speaks of the Iraqi men sitting in prisons in Iraq for long periods, some tortured, some who have been there for months or yrs, who haven't had any rights to see a judge yet. This is a small portion of the show to air later and covers the sectarian unfairness of the prisons. It truly touched me even though it is a very short segment.

Just a note: At the beginning Rick Sanchez uses a very conservative figure of how many Iraqi's have died in this war. It's the cowards way out to avoid controversy. Blame Sanchez, or CNN, or both, but if they had any backbone they'd use a more accurate figure that places the death toll in the 100's of thousands by many estimates.

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