Thursday, March 22, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards and other sad news

Sadly we wake up today to find out Elizabeth Edwards cancer has returned, now on her rib. As a non doctor but someone who has watched many die from cancer around me, this doesn't sound like it's going to have a happy ending. Let me rephrase that, this is not going to have a happy ending. John Edwards is making a mistake to continue with his campaign. He has 2 small children, too small to understand what is going on around them, too small to understand why mommy isn't getting better this time. Honeslty I think this may all go very fast, a matter of a few months to maybe just 3 seasons in the year. What many people don't know about Elizabeth is that she's actually a very intelligent woman that could hold her own against anyone if she had sought to seek political recognition herself. She is highly likeable as is her husband, and I would like to think everyone in the country is saddened by this and wish them the best during this time of tribulation.

Mrs. Edwards had a sore rib, went to get an x-ray, they found a cracked rib but saw a dark shadow on another one. The cancer has spread to her bones and (Dr's say) possibly to her lung. The Edward's lost their son Wade, at the age of 16 in a car accident. It was at that point they had a deep desire to serve their nation and it's people, and when John got into politics.


When I first turned on tv this morning I was listening to Kyra Phillips of CNN, who apparently has made her way to Irag. She was telling of how the Iraqi's are getting tattoos incase they are murdered, they can be identified. Ya Bush, this war is going swell.

Over on MSNBC the completely useless Tucker Carlson spends his tv hour trashing anyone who leans liberal. This guy is the most worthless human being on tv I believe. Yesterday he called Angelina Jolie a total nutcase when discussing how she adopted another child. Today he's working on Rosie O'Donnell and says she's a conspiracy nutjob. Rosie is a favorite smear topic of a lot of those on the right. Joe Scarborough who has his own completely worthless show on MSNBC makes her a daily butt of his jokes. Apparently liberals and/or Democrats are not allowed to have an opinion of their own. If it differs from the republican stance on any topic, then your a looney nutjob.

Right now on Tucker's show they are discussing the little girl who cried on 'American Idol' the other night. The topic finished off with him saying he has a daughter around that age and if she were to cry like that she'd get "such a severe spanking".. then he and his guest start laughing. I have news for them, this little girl was completely normal.. it's called puberty. Gotta be a girl, to understand little girls.

America is becoming a very ugly place. I don't know if I believe in fate, and even justice. But if there is such a thing as 'just desserts', these ugly on the inside people, who make a living smearing other people, (and call their programs "news media", they will hopefully meet their due... I have no confusion on how citizens in other countries view us in a negative light. If our country is attacked again, no matter how badly, I'll feel sorrow for no one. Americans have become very ugly.

In a bit of BIG Good News out today, Senate has voted to go forward with subpoenas against the Bush administration. No need to go into further detail with this today, it's going to be a major topic for some time to come. We have the most dangerous, the most corrupt administration in history, it's about time someone finds the integrity and backbone to deal with it.

Video clip covers a portion of how this all started. You can view it Here until it finishes processing.
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