Friday, March 23, 2007

Iraq pullout vote-British soldiers kidnapped

Ready for another war? Iranians have kidnapped 15 British sailors whom they claim were in their waters. 'Personnel were carrying out routine boarding of a vessel when they were apprehended'. In London, the British government summoned the Iranian ambassador to the Foreign Office. The U.S. Navy, which operates off the Iraqi coast along with British forces, said the British sailors appeared unharmed and that Iran's Revolutionary Guard naval forces were responsible according to WaPo.


Tony Snow, White House Press spokesman has come out today and announced he also has found out his cancer has returned. He will be going in for surgery to remove it and will be away from his normal routine for 3 weeks.


Bush will be going on tv in a matter of minutes to pout and whine about this vote that was passed this morning by the house, a huge success under Pelosi's belt. Will he fumble around like a spoiled, stuttering, angry child as he did just 2 days ago? I'll try and upload it as soon as I can. So far Bush is 8 minutes late to come to the podium. Since he doesn't know how to read or talk, I'm sure Rove or someone is working with him on memorizing his spin speech, and how to present himself, like you would a 2nd grader going into a play.

He has finished his brief speech and I'll upload it as fast as it can be done (30 minutes or so). He pulled out all the stops they usually do to feed the bush-sheeple, i.e. military standing in back of him, how they need their funds, he mentioned them at the beginning and at the end of his speech, how the Democrats are hurting the military, blah blah blah...He made it clear he'll veto it, he whined a bit, took no questions and left.

There seems to be a bug in Google video embedding right now. Until it works, here's the link to the actual video.


The Bill Passed Today:

The U.S. House Friday voted to approve a supplemental spending bill to fund the continued war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The vote was 218-212, with two Republicans joining the majority and 14 Democrats voting against the measure. One member voted present. The measure now goes to the Senate.

The bill provides $96 billion in additional spending for Iraq, $7 billion for Afghanistan and $6 billion for domestic anti-terror programs. It also contains funding for Hurricane Katrina relief pork barrel items such as money for shrimpers, spinach farmers and peanut storage. The measure set Aug. 31, 2008, as the deadline for U.S. combat troops to be withdrawn from Iraq. President George Bush has said he would veto any measure that includes a deadline for withdrawal, so we'll see if that's what his speech today threatens. Bush is speaking right now, what a prick this guy is.


The pet food scare, more animals dying and coming down with kidney failure, they've now found rat poison in the foods, (some of them I'm assuming). This story is still in process.
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