Monday, March 19, 2007

More right wing scumbags with no chin

Brit Hume of Fox the fake news network has now smeared Valerie Plame saying she lied under oath. Man these people will stoop to any level for their political party of choice, which they put ahead of the best interests of their country, I might add.

The accusation stems from Valerie testifying that she did not recommend her husband, Joe Wilson, for the Niger's trip. Joe Wilson for the last 3 yrs has adamently stated the explanation that it was not Valerie who sent him there. When the republican senate looked into it, according to Hume, they came to the conclusion she did send him. As if this was a Senate hearing vote and final assessment. When in fact, it was a note by 3 republican Senators who discussed it and came to that conclusion. Ignoring the facts, Fox goes on a campaign to smear this woman who chose to give 20 yrs of her life to her country in a dangerous job traveling around the world as a covert agent. Hume said Plame’s testimony “flies in the face of the evidence”. You can watch the brief video onThink Progress or you can see it or download it from Crooks and Liars website. C&L's video is longer and shows more of the juicy stuff.

While on C&L, check out this video clip where Ed Henry tells of a private convo between he and Tony Snow. Snow didn't like a question on the 4th anniversary of the war in Iraq and Bush's plans for the day.. Tony told Ed Harris to "zip it". Keep in mind that Ed Harris who does an ok job for CNN, was a paid republican spokesman that went on various talk shows before he got this new gig. Since he's been a correspondent on CNN you can tell he tries to withhold bias from his reports but it occasionally slips in. Todays piece, imo, shows that even he is getting more and more dismayed by this administration and even he's willing to report on things the White House would prefer not get publicized.

This anniversary of President Bush's (illegal) war, he goes on record saying, "We need more time" and asked for patience. He also mentions this will "take months, not days or weeks". Amazing how this guy keeps changing his story, but then again, the bush sheep buy into it, sadly. The link above is an 8 minute video of Bush in spin mode on MSNBC's video site.
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