Wednesday, March 21, 2007

A pending 4th World War

What mess has our government gotten us into?

Raw Story has linked to a blog that speaks of a pending war in Northern Iraq where the Kurds have been living, building and prospering just 50 miles away from the chaos in the rest of Iraq, and the country of Turkey who touches the northern borders of Iraq. This is an area not too many of us have kept up with and like most online news junkies, we read and learn as we go, hopefully obsorb more each day, so we can have a better understanding of what is truly going on around the world, and the impact it has on our own lives and safety.

I saw a segment on tv, not sure where, maybe 60 Minutes, several weeks ago. They showed Kurds experiencing westernized life with malls being built, and shoppers experiencing escalators for the first time in their lives, and cranes as far as the eye could see, building new structures, businesses, and a new way of modernized life for the Kurds. They touched briefly on the Kurds putting up a security border in an attempt to keep them safe from all the sectarian violence that surrounds them in all of Iraq, which is to their south.

Occasionally we'll hear of a news story of the Kurds friction with Turkey to their north, now the story is covered more indepth at the blog, The 4th World War. To keep up with the mess in and around Iraq, this is a must read for you. The oil in northern Iraq is plentiful and there have long been hushed stories we read here and there about the US's plans for having some ownership of this oil. Is it in the best interest for us? Yeh sure, but how dirty and deep does this get? What oil companies have been working in secret with the Bush administration to get their grimey hands on that oil? Can we assume this was the basis of the Iraq war in the first place? Those on the right think we went to war 1st for wmd's then to remove Saddam.. bullshit. Others of us have always believed it was about the oil.

This story is going to play out for years to come no matter who is our next president. It is important for everyone to research and keep up on what is going on in this area. Don't count on your local news paper or evening news or Fox or any cable news for that matter, to keep you informed of this inside inside story that is likely at the core of the mess we are in.
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