Saturday, March 17, 2007

Worse President in the History of the Nation

That's what Donald Trump has said on more than one occasion. He said it again yesterday on CNN. In the meantime, this vile corrupt administration we are stuck with is in full spin mode once again. Tony Snow claims "hazy memories" in regards to the attorney firings. At the same time the White House is still deciding whether they'll fight the efforts of Congress to have Rove testify.

Friday night is Real Time With Bill Maher night on HBO. Although we can catch it a few more times during the week, I prefer Tivo'ing it on Fridays incase I miss it. His "New Rules" usually require some deep thought on the audience. For those who bash him endlessly and call him un American, well, they are the Bush sheep who just don't get it... for that fact... they don't seem to get much... about anything.
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