Wednesday, March 21, 2007

"You Do Your Job And I'll Do Mine"

Senate Judiciary Chairman Patrick Leahy D rejects Bush's threats

I was glad to meet Mr. Fielding and I welcome the fact that these issues have his full attention.
“I don’t accept his offer. It is not constructive and it is not helpful to be telling the Senate how to do our investigation, or to prejudge its outcome.

"Instead of freely and fully providing relevant documents to the investigating committees, they have only selectively sent documents, after erasing large portions that they do not want to see the light of day. Testimony should be on the record, and under oath. That’s the formula for true accountability.“I hope the President will agree to be forthcoming. The straighter the path to the truth, the sooner we will finally know the

And from House Judiciary Chairman John Conyers

"While we appreciate the White House's gesture, we will work with the Senate Judiciary Committee to create a counteroffer. We will move forward to authorize subpoenas for current and former White House and Justice officials, as well as documents. In short, the House Judiciary Committee will take whatever steps are necessary and within our Congressional authority to get to the bottom of what has become a horrible mess that is undermining American trust in our federal criminal justice system."
The House committee will vote to authorize issuing subpoenas tomorrow, and the Senate committee will vote on Thursday.

Also Bush warns Democrats to take offer and vows to fight any subpoenas.

Republican Presidential nominee Tom Tancredo calls for Gonzo boy to step down.
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