Friday, April 20, 2007

Gonzo, "I don't recall"

Well our Gonzo boy went through some tough Q&A yesterday with Congress and most of it came from his fellow republicans. He spent how long was it? A month, at least, prepping for this and didn't have much to offer. A protester in the background had a whiteboard and marker and was keeping track of how many times Gonzo said, "I don't recall" when asked a question. It was over 70 times! At one point Chuck Schumer requested he come up with something besides that phrase.

Well we didn't expect much now did we. He was either going to lie or throw in a lot of "I don't recall" answers and lying under oath can lead to prison.. (just ask Libby), we just want him to resign!

Article and video
Insider's White House reaction

President Bush illegally used the Justice Department for the Republican party's agenda and manipulation of VOTERS RIGHTS according to this article. Ok so this doesn't shock me or even surprise me, I mean anyone who's really been paying attention for the last 6 years already knew this.
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