Thursday, May 17, 2007

2008 Presidential Candidates - Wealth Comparison

Media reported estimated income of the presidential candidates so far. McCain, Romney, and Clinton have taken a 45 day extension to disclose their incomes. This is just a briefer for those curious on where the candidates stand financially. These are personal incomes not money raised for their campaign. You can click their names and see that additional information. As for their personal wealth, I'm sure there will be more accurate figures as time goes on, especially for the candidates that are running in front.

Joe Biden - under $200,000
Hillary Clinton $50 million (includes Bill)
Chris Dodd - $873,000 last yr w/paid taxes of $223,000
John Edwards - $29.5 million
Mike Gravel - ?
Dennis Kucinich - under $400,000
Barack Obama - $1.4 million estimated because of book deals and growing family income
Bill Richardson - Stock and options, $250,000 in a major oil refiner where he used to sit on the board.

Sam Brownback - ?
Jim Gilmore - ?
Rudy Giuliani - $18.1 - $70.4 million (In 2001, before a divorce court, he listed his disposable income at $7,000)
Mike Huckabee - Less than $700,000
Duncan Hunter - "Hundreds of thousands"
John McCain - $21 - $32 million
Ron Paul - ?
Mitt Romney - $190 - $250 million (NY Times has him at $350 million)
Tom Tancredo - $530,000 - $1.1 million
Tommy Thompson - ?

Cash raised for all candidates

Spokesmen for Obama and Sen. Sam Brownback, both of whom have been highly critical of the violence in Darfur, said the candidates recently have re-configured their investments to divest of companies that do business in Sudan. John Edwards also recently was informed of his investments connected to controversial investment funds relating to this and is in the process of making some changes.
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