Friday, May 25, 2007

Rosie, Elisabeth, Donald Trump

Well here's the deal. Rosie, after the fight the other day has decided to leave 'The View' 3 weeks early. She didn't plan on coming in on Thursday because it's her wife's birthday and Fridays are always taped. Because of the holiday, the show wasn't supposed to come back until Tuesday with Rosie. But Rosie has told ABC she'd like out of her contract early.

If you aren't aware, the news media on tv, who's completely incompetent at their jobs in general, and that includes ALL OF THEM, have been all over Rosie because she's liberal and the mass media is conservative (and cowards from ever posting facts and truths against this administration). Ok so Fox, MSNBC's Scarborough and Tucker who are both nobodies, have slammed her repeatedly. They've made her their top priority of good christian American hate I guess you could call it.

Then Rosie got into an on air spar with the most arrogant person besides Bush, Donald Trump and Donald has shown his zero class by repeatedly slamming Rosie in the most juvenile verbal attacks thru any media that will listen to him.

So after the announcement today, MSNBC gets some call ins from media ppl to discuss the show and Rosie leaving it. Tom O'Neil , entertainment columnist, was talking over the phone with the commentator on MSNBC and answered questions, saying he doesn't think 'The View' can come back from this and (maybe) Elizabeth's time there is limited soon.

Then suddenly they break into the conversation to say Donald Trump is on the phone, so they stop talking to O'Neil and Donald starts harping in .. because this guy loves publicity and attention. Donald, of course, slams Rosie every which way and back.. when confronted with facts of how much Rosie gives to charities, Donald insists everything she does is self promoting, and it's all about her (which is a lie by the way). Then in the middle of this soap opera, while Donald is totally down on Rosie, he remarks that Elizabeth, "isn't the brightest bulb, yeh know", and later he called her "not very bright". Then he went on to insinuate if this dumb bimbo (Elizabeth) could win an argument over Rosie (in his opinion), then that shows what a loser Rosie is.

I believe today is Rosie's son's birthday, so she hasn't posted on her blog yet. As for Elizabeth, I'll have to do some surfing on the net to see if she has any input. If I find any more details on this I'll update this.

But let me lay out my view of this for now:

Donald and Rosie's spat is partially because of a misunderstood conversation Rosie had on the show. There were 2 issues. 1- She said Donald filed bankruptcy and that infuriated him and he insists he didn't... which is a lie.. Donald did file bankruptcy for his companies and he insists that she implied he personally filed bankruptcy.. he insinuates these 2 things are not at all connected or alike and therefore her remark was a lie. (yeh ok whatever Donald!). Secondly, and here's the sad part, that the biggest part of their fight was over a misunderstanding that oddly the media has never spoken up on to straighten out. Donald owns the Miss America Pageant. When the controversy arose over the latest winner (the standard bimbo) doing some unethical and controversial things (drinking underage, etc), many thought she should be de-throned from her crown. Donald decided not to do that and gave her another chance and put her in rehab (where all famous ppl go to excuse their stupidity).. So basically Donald did a good thing for the girl, right or wrong. Now here's the confusion... Rosie thought that Donald did the opposite. Rosie thought the girl should be given another chance and (she thought) that Donald had the opposite view and was removing the girl and taking away her crown.. this was not the case.

No one has ever cleared this up! Rosie was making fun of Donald because she thought he shut the girl out and Rosie felt that was a bad thing to do and he should have given the girl another chance.... Donald, who actually did just that, thinks that Rosie spoke out saying he shouldn't have given the girl another chance... and then the fight began. IS THAT INSANE OR WHAT!

Oh, and Donald can say whatever he wants about quitting 'The Apprentice' because he's just too busy.. but NBC cancelled his show. period... and this all happened after his behavior on air, repeatedly, calling Rosie a "fat pig" and a "loser" and various other low class remarks. He didn't let up on her (on air), his show then aired, the ratings were way down, and alas he's CANCELLED! If you believe his version then you are probably a bush sheep (like Elizabeth) who can't see the truth that's right in front of your eyes.

2 more things before I close. 'The View' was on for 10 yrs, and I never watched it until Rosie was on. Now that she's gone, I'll go back to not watching it. (I always tivo'd it and watched the beginning and maybe up to 30 to 40 mins of the show.) I also find Elizabeth clueless, useless, and the usual bush sheep kool aid drinking bimbo who is well just ignorant. She has no talent and apparently got on the show with the help of her (now) father in-law who apparently has some connections in show business. I find her stupid, annoying, and boring.

Lastly, and this is important. Donald said that everything Rosie does (for others) is self promoting and there's always an agenda behind it. That's not true. Some famous people give donations and do things and make sure their publicist gets the word out on what a generous person they are. Rosie didn't do that. She's been very generous to a variety of needs out there, including being a big donor (along with Cher) for the rehabilitation center that was built in Texas for vets coming home. She gives quietly and generously.

Is she perfect? No. The biggest thing that annoyed me is that she would state things on the show that were only partially accurate. I realize being online and researching as much as I do, it's likely I may have more updated or correct info than her.. but she should not open her mouth on issues unless she has very clear and accurate facts.. after all, this is live tv. Elizabeth of course got all her (twisted blurred) facts from the Faux Snooze channel and people like her favorite Spawn Vannity.. so she didn't know shit from apple butter most of the time,, but it would have been more helpful if Rosie had all her claimed facts right, all of the time.

Barbara Walters was a coward in this saga imo. She is a democrat as far as I know, and I believe firmly that she's just too nice or too scared like all journalists to speak her mind on air.. so what does she do?.. she brings in an ole pal with a big liberal mouth to speak out for her. She gets points for bringing Rosie in, but she loses points for not standing up and being a.... woman!

A few days after the chaos, Rosie was video taped out on a boat with friends and a couple of the kids. You can view it Here
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