Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Rumsfeld hours after 9/11 attacks

A new article discusses Donald Rumsfeld, another member of the dangerous group PNAC, and his comments just hours after the 9/11 attack. He stated that his target was to go after Saddam Hussein. It's all part of the selling of a war to ignorant and/or believing-Americans who never dreamt their government would intentionally lie them into a war. There's plenty proof out there on Cheney's going into the Vice Presidency with intentions of attacking Iraq. I guess 9/11 was a mixed blessing to them because this gave them a way into their intentional and personal war with Iraq. Anyone who doesn't wonder if there was any possible connection between the attacks and some of these people in the administration, is a fool. Even if you don't want to believe they were involved with 9/11, you have to wonder what they did know... and eventually ignored... intentionally. Remember the 9/11 Commission and seeing Condi Rice sitting there and nervously stuttering over her lack of knowledge on the pending attacks, (hers and the administrations knowledge that is). Then when asked for the name of the secret documents they were given, she had to read out loud, "Bin Laden likely to attack the United States". I'm just still amazed, all these yrs later, that more Americans aren't outraged at this administrations incompetence.
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