Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Summing up the last week or so

So much hoopla in the political world going on. Obama screwed up and said 10,000 died in Kansas tornadoes (there were 12). Bush called the Queen 300 yrs old. Hillary pulls ahead (again) of Obama in the polls. News outlets play up the terrorists caught who were planning to kill people in and around Fort Nix. They downplay the fact these are just a bunch of Muslim nutcases with no connection to Al Qaeda. We've had 13 soldiers die in Iraq in the last 2 days. Cheney shows up in Baghdad today with a huge armor vest on. Generals who oppose Bush have a new campaign out and it can be viewed at Here.

Also Bush feeds his sheeple some more of the bullshit these simpletons fall for. Our National Guard are in Iraq and not here at home to protect the homeland or be here in times of emergency. Well with all the tornado destruction in Kansas and elsewhere, they've had no National Guard available to help with cleanup or more importantly, rescue and providing supplies as needed. BUT!- Bush showed up for a photo op in the area with shirtsleeves rolled up, accessing the area.. when are stupid Americans going to stop falling for this stupid stuff?

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