Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I heart David Shuster

David Shuster has more talent as a reporter in his rumpled shirt sleeve, than most wannabees in cable and network media have in their entire right wing primped suits.

He has been sitting in for Tucker occasionally and yesterday he interviewed Cheney apologist, token black republican (who's splattered all over the tv media at every opportunity), Ron Christie. This guy, every time I see him, he's just pathetic beyond words. He comes up with so much crap spin to try and explain away the most recent mess from this administration. I always< >wonder if he's paid well for the BS he attempts to sell. Those of us who aren't Bush sheep and have an IQ above our age, it looks pretty demeaning on his part, to attempt to make us believe the spin.

This video from Crooks and Liars site yesterday, is a nice long piece of Shuster's and Christie's convo on Cheney's roll as VP. Shuster is great and won't let Ron get away with the talking points and at the end of this video, it gets a little heated when Shuster is obviously fed up with the usual BS from republican apologists. The video is a bit choppy but such is life.
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