Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Is Ann Coulter a Vampire?

The witch of the right was on Hard Ball today. She is the most vile man-woman I've ever had the displeasure of listening to. She sells hate and it's frightening to see she has some young people who actually think she's great.

Today she spouted how we should bomb the middle east and if innocents get killed sobeit. She says Bush did an excellent job with this war, etc etc etc. She's just a horrible person imo. Middle of the day in bright sunlight, she sat with Chris outside wearing what looked like the same short black cocktail dress and same sunglasses she wore a year ago on his show. It was all just too vile to explain and describe, but when Chris brought up Ann's calling for the assissination of John Edwards, he then said Elizabeth Edwards was on the line and wanted to talk to Ann. Obviously Ann was taken aback by this and probably felt cornered. She treated Elizabeth like dirt, you can see it for yourself on the video Here.

Chris seemed totally disgusted by her but then again he did put her on the show while she's on this promo tour selling her book now in paperback. So why did he have her on? Forced to by NBC? could be, there was no question he doesn't find her pleasant.
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