Monday, July 9, 2007

Leahy and Specter want Fitzgerald to testify

Discussion with Wolf Blitzer on bringing Fitzgerald before a congressional hearing to clear up some of the rumors and smears on the right that this Libby conviction is all politics and no substance. Few on the right ever show any integrity, they are all puppets following their regime. Senators Spector and Hagel are 2 I have respect for.

Leahy to Wolf:

I think if my friend Arlen, and like me, he’s also — you know, we were both former prosecutors. That’s where we first met. And we tend to take a prosecutor’s view on this. If he has no objection to Mr. Fitzgerald coming forward, I think you may very well see Mr. Fitzgerald before the Senate Judiciary Committee. On these things, what I’ve always done is discuss them first with Senator Specter because we tried to take a bipartisan attitude toward these matters. But I have some of the very same questions in mind that Senator Specter has laid out very well. And I think you might find it to be an interesting hearing.

Video and details at Think Progress
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