Thursday, July 26, 2007

McCain woes, Stevens investigated by FBI, Gonzo caught lying

Republican's and their woes are becoming daily fodder for the objectionist's bloggers... they just make it too easy for us.

John McCain's Media Team has resigned. Bush low polls are record breaking due to their longevity. "All those tubes" (referring to the internet)-Ted Stevens , Senator from Alaska (and the 'bridge to nowhere' scandal), along with Rep Don Young are being investigated by the FBI for bribery. If you've ever seen Ted Stevens on C-Span or in the news, this kind of stuff wouldn't surprise you. OH.. and our Gonzo boy is caught lying thru his ass big time.... this time. This guy is in such deep shit, he alone could cost the reps the next presidency (aside from all the other corruption of this party and president). Also Fred Thompson was heckled for being a fake conservative. Any day Fred is heckled, for whatever reason, is a good day.

'Bush panel seeking upgrade in military care'.... this comes after Iraqi war vets come together to sue the VA over delays, care, and benefits. Many troops and veterans are forced to wait months and even years for medical appointments and disability pensions. Some veterans forced to wait have committed suicide, while other have fallen deep into debt. More

Bush ordered Harriet Miers to not appear for her subpoena before Congress, along with Josh Bolten, so now Congress is contemplating Contempt Citations to be brought forth.

Our incompetent clown of a president is playing a dangerous game with the future reputation of this nation and its safety. He's been pleading his case in televised speeches lately and declared "Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda" and linking it repeatedly to 9/11 and Iraq. Once source said he used the term "Al Qaeda" 95 times in his speech. CIA officer Edward Gistaro says, "Al Qaeda not 'monolithic' group. Now we have some details (finally) being put forth to the public of how politics is playing a part in the supposed terror alerts Bush sends out. National Intelligence Estimate lacks supporting evidence says a CIA source.
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