Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Around the Net in 80 Seconds - Part Deux

Valerie Plame's new book,"Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House." faults Bush and journalists. The book will be on sale Tuesday.

The huge PR Machine pushing the war, this investigative report from Raw Story is a good read.

Housing crisis that we were warned about 2 years ago and was ignored by the MSM continues to sink to new lows that are causing concerns on Wall Street. Building is at a 14 year low. Three large Banks Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, and BAC are teaming up to buy securities hurt during the summer's mortgage turmoil to limit further damage to troubled credit markets.

House passes federal journalist shield, The Free Flow of Information Act has cleared the House by a vote of 398-21, but Dubya plans on using his power hungry Veto privilege to stop this important bill that would protect journalists when they are investigating big stories where the participants may need to be protected (with anonymity) in order for the truth to be told.

Yahoo, a Republican friendly business, is caught lying to Congress

GOP bigwig donors are noticeably absent from the Republican coffers this year
A new poll indicates support for Fred Thompson is fading.. and this is supposed to surprise us?

Democrats in Florida are butting heads with the national DNC over regulations for a presidential nomination contest earlier than party rules allow.

Now don't laugh... but Senator/hypocrite/gay-hater Larry Craig accuses police of profiling him, in his recent foot tapping arrest.

The Bush admin has appointed a pro lifer advocate who's a critic of birth control, as the chief of family planning programs at the Department of Health and Human Services

The emperor of the world holding his press conference right now is snickering in that hillbilly sneer of his about his veto power... snicker snicker. Then he was asked for his definition of torture, and in an irritated voice he answers, "whatever the law says" (pushed for more of an answer) he says, "we don't torture", then abruptly went on to another reporter for a question he doesn't mind answering, (that's not too hard on his policies).

I could not possibly loathe George Dubya Bush any more than I do at the moment. Right now listening to his voice in a televised conference, slamming Dems (of course) and talking about this delusional idea of democracy in the middle east.. omg.. I hate this guy. It physically affects me so. I'd be afraid to see what my blood pressure is right now as I'm forced to listen to this psychopath. You can throw DICK Cheney and slimeball, fatboy Karl Rove into that pile of hate too. By the way, Reuters poll puts Dubya's approval rating at 24% today.

Dubya's press conference is over now, so you can read up on what the cowboy had to say.

Regarding his veto pen, "one way to ensure that I am relevant; that's one way to ensure that I am in the process, and I intend to use the veto.".. Jesus Christ...tell me this guy isn't insane.

A drug resistant staff infection that killed a 17 yr old boy is being discussed widely in the tv media.
ABC reports "RESEARCHERS ESTIMATE IN THE US, EVERY 30 MINUTES SOMEONE DIES FROM A SERIOUS FORM OF THE MRSA STAPH INFECTION Just a short whiile ago CNN had an expert discussing the problem", who seemed imo to really playing down the so called crisis, yet faux-snooze-wannable MSNBC just opened their program (after Dubya's speech) with a statement saying this could be bigger than AIDS. Wow, gotta luv the right wing drama at MSNBC..they really do try to emulate faux with everything from right wing sneering spin, wide-eyed bimbo beauties, Hillary hate (they try to hide within some story coverage, in an effort to trash Hillary without it looking like they're trashing her), and their 99.999% republican snooze-casters. (Keith O, don't ya feel pretty damn lonely over there?)

Turkey has now amassed 60,000 soldiers on the Kurdish Iraqi border despite international attempts at intervention.
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