Wednesday, October 10, 2007

John Edwards Accused of Affair by Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter turned up on the right wing, (low, low ratings),Tucker Carlson Show on MSNBC and accused John Edwards of having an 18 month old affair.

Hmmm, seems The National Enquirer has the details, if there are any details, about this accusation.

I wish Mann Coulter (you know, Ann and her adam's apple?) would make up her mind. Is Edwards a faggot as she loudly accused him of in front of a right wing freak show of cheers at a large republican gathering, or is he a man having an affair with a woman... make up your mind Mann/Ann!

I think she's trying to compete for most hateful BITCH with Michelle Malkin who's reknown for her hateful ugly right wing tactics even going so far as to harrass a woman by the name of Denise Denton who plunged to her death after the bloodsucking hate mongers on the right raped her emotionally until Denise felt her only way out was suicide.

Coulter, Malkin, Ingraham, Schlessinger, all these right wing bitches are hateful ugly people.
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