Tuesday, October 23, 2007

California fires - 500,000 evacuated, 2 dead, 1300+ homes lost

Update 11pm: 3,000 Marines evactuated from Camp Pendleton today; More than a half-million people evacuated in San Diego County alone; 400,000 acres burned; Winds remain high; Fire Dept says, 'there's no end in sight" more on the fire

Arnold called Bush and now Bush will be in California on Thursday when he originally said it was premature to make a visit. Obviously Thursday it will be a photo-op for him and Arnold, and a burden on the people fighting this fire because of the huge entourage that goes everywhere Bush goes, that will only be in the way.

Google Interactive Map of California Fires

Nasa Satellite view of the wild fires seen all the way from space

Side note: earlier today Maria Shriver, Arnolds wife made an appearance on one of the news shows to talk about the evacuations. She looks terrible. To say she had on
a thick amount of black eye make-up doesn't do justice in describing her. She looked completely drugged up (to me), or maybe drinking (?).. but what I saw, there was no doubt there was something going on in that woman's face. You could see it in her eyes. Seriously it was shocking enough to me to see her that way, it was worth noting here. Supposedly today she had a preplanned engagement in Hosting Hillary Clinton in a fund raiser. I don't know if they still held it, I haven't heard anything more about it and Maria did not mention it in her 5 minute interview today. But there was no question that something was going on there. It was a combination of intensley thick black eye make up in the middle of the day, her eyes looked fluttery, starry, and her facial expression, just looked really bad..like something was really going on there..
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