Monday, October 15, 2007

Ma'am, don't let your children grow up to be Republicans

Update: 10/16/07

I found more details of this saga here

The ugliness, the blood thirsty deranged hate of the right wing tools who are running over this (once great) nation with their Nazi-like tactics to force their agenda and warped christian and political values on the rest of us.

The S Chip

The Democratic Congress attempted to pass a bill for funding the S-Chip with $35 million instead of the $5 million Bush wants. The Commander in Chief has vetoed the bill, spreading false information to his bush sheep in the media. At the same time he asked for $200 billion (more) funds for the war that will send us over the trillion $$ point . The Congress is going to attempt to override Bush's veto, they have the votes in the Senate but not the house at the moment.

When the Frost family allowed their son to give the Democratic radio address supporting the S-Chip when it helped his family out during his illness, the right wing went after the Frost family with blood on their tongues and nails in their nostrils. Hate mongering right wing bloggers like Michelle Malkin stalked the family, investigated them, and released their home address on the internet for every crazed right winger to see and possibly cause great harm to this family. The Frost's were caught off guard by the blood thirsty right wing rage attacks but said they won't back down for their support of the S-Chip funding.

Bush has just sent out a warning to Congress using a media blitz all in an attempt to make Dem's look bad and to feed his sheep showing he's been a idiot tough president.

A mom and her daughter

A group protest

A non intellectual

Another non intellectual, an outright imbecile

Keith O and Rachel Maddow

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