Friday, October 19, 2007

Will Stephanie Miller be invited back to Hardball?

When Stephanie Miller called Chris Matthews a "right wing tool" today I almost spit my water all over my laptop. This interview was worth watching because of the usual gung-ho talking points that the Republican guest was throwing out with his flag waving wartime talking points. This 7 minute video had a kink in it and I couldn't get it all to upload in one piece, thus the 2 parter below. The 2nd half is where Stephanie throws out her remark. You can tell Chris is taken aback by what she said and she tried to recover by saying she was kidding.... but we know better!

Sorry Chris but you are a right wing tool at least half the time. We know you voted for Bush (the 1st time), and we know your brother holds a repubican office ... and we can see you hate the Clintons because you talk of them with such disdain every time their names come up...

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