Saturday, November 3, 2007

President Bill Clinton takes on Tim Russert

Tim Russert, who's been known to be a Democrat (in fact), for some reason chose to ask Dennis Kucinich about UFO's and distort facts about presidential papers when addressing Hillary Clinton. 15 yrs of a republican smear campaign on the Clintons and 7 books on Hillary this year alone by Hillary haters trying to make a fast buck of her campaign for the presidency. No other candidate has ever gone through this much scrutiny. Yet with all the hate, all the investigations, Ken Starr spending $80 million of your tax dollars to investigate Bill Clinton, they've come up empty handed. So in the last debate we got to see Tim Russert like all the other darlings in the media, show they have no spine and help feed the republican hate and corruption machine. Tim Russert's resume says he's a Democrat, but like everyone else in the right wing msm, he has no balls.

Media Matters dissects some of the BS we get from the right here and also discusses one of the many books that try to twist the truth revealing their utter right wing hate for the Clintons like author Sally Bedell Smith.

In this video Bill responds to Tim's tactics. Unfortunately thanks to Tim, Americans think the Clintons did something wrong here, when in fact they did not. The normal time for presidential papers to be released is 12 years. IMO, why should they be released early? oh yeh, because the republican criminals want to dig through them and try to find yet more stuff to investigate the Clintons on. It's truly amazing. Aside from this, what candidate on either side in their right mind would cater and kowtow to the opposing party by releasing such papers before a presidential run?

Thanks Tim Russert and people like Chris Matthews for adding to the continual 24/7 nonstop biased smear campaign on the Clintons. I'll assume the republicans are lining your pockets well to help them in this quest.

Media, especially all the television media outlets: no spines, no integrity, no truth, just sensationalism, spin, and headlines to feed the dumb down masses.. anything to make a buck for the corporate owners.

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