Friday, November 2, 2007

Rudy Giuliani says Waterboarding is ok

Rudy's very likely the most dangerous, craziest candidate out there. Watch clips of him on various news outlets and you'll hear his slimey tricks to lure the Bush sheep in. "The media... the liberal media" , he said yesterday during a campaign stop. .. amazing what he'll pull.

He's also saying waterboarding's aok with him:

"The way it's defined is very very disturbing", says Rudy.. "the federal government needs "flexibility" on this issue".

The reality is it depends on the circumstances," Giuliani said today. "It even depends on the circumstances in which you do it. It depends on the gravity of it."

"You can't keep this country safe if you don't allow for that flexibility," he also noted. ABC

Spit on the constitution and use 911 fear mongering to sell your presidential campaign. Good job you smarmy politician.
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