Thursday, November 29, 2007

There was no plant by the Clinton campaign at the CNN Republican Debate

I have no doubt the Republican smear machine is hard at work these last 24 hours working this for everything they could gain out of it. The truth is there's not much here to see. Brigadier Gen. Keith Kerr is a gay retired military man. He sits on a committee that Hillary Clinton chairs for gay rights. He is in fact a Republican (he said) and registered as an independent, and was at the debate on his own behalf when he had the opportunity to stand up and ask a question for the Republican participants. CNN apparently had checked out his military credentials but they had no clue about this other issue. He had no ties to a campaign and that was confirmed.

"This was a private initiative on my own," Kerr told CNN.. A search of OpenSecrets, a campaign finance database confirms Kerr has made no donations to any campaign. The video below I taped from CNN very early this morning, hours after the debate had aired.

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