Monday, December 10, 2007

Oprah - This Is Embarrassing To Watch

I've heard it called 'Oprahpalooza'. I've heard them say, "...has drawn the largest crowd of any campaign so far". I've read the word "phenomena" in more than one article.

Right now, the left is as embarrassing as the right. How and why have we become such a dumbed down nation? On the right you have huckleberry fin leading the pack. They seem to want another non intellectual in the White House and furthering their agenda to rip at the constitution apart by over throwing secularism and putting their christian religion into our government. Huckleberry leads the polls with absolutely no knowledge of anything regarding government, international affairs, much alone domestic ones. Then on the left, well, we have a famous person drawing the crowds and imposing her views, her ability to seduce, to promote her chosen candidate. That's ok, this is a free country. The sad part is the uneducated simpletons who fall for this crap. I'm embarrassed just looking at the left's new sheep.

What do these followers know about the important issues at stake? What do they know about what any of the candidates on the left stand for (before they choose)? They are going to love Obama because Oprah told them to?

I have just one question for the newly political Oprah. (Ok, more than 1 question.) Where was her conscience during the last 7 years of corruption, incompetence, illegal invasions, innocent deaths, out of control spending of this administration? Where was her public outcry in front of her massive audience she has so much sway with? Where was she on the days thousands showed up in Washington and other national cities to protest this administration and this criminal war? Where was she when a covert CIA agent, Valerie Plame was intentionally outed by this administration for political vendetta? Where was she during the illegal attorney firings?

Oh, yeh, that's right, she was busy selling make-up tips, designer clothes, movie star interviews, and how to organize your closet. (I'm only guessing here as I haven't watched Oprah in 15 yrs).

They tout the huge crowd as compared to a political gathering, but this was no political gathering. This was a star concert of sorts. This was fanfare for a famous person for the followers who just want her autograph (awww how cute). This had nothing to do with politics and picking a president.... Oprah was out selling one of her books. I guess we'll find out soon enough if it ("it" being Obama) made the best seller list.
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