Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Scandal of Rape/Murder Case should end Huckabee's Presidential run

Documents Expose Huckabee's Role In Serial Rapist's Release

Huckabee's campaign should come to a screeching halt after this disgraceful story and it's details get out to the public. But then again Bush still has 30% approval by some nuts out there and 80% (of Reps)in Iowa seem to think Bush is doing a great job, these same ppl are supporting this hick Huckelberry. I will link you here to read this very long article and it's important that it's read by everyone considering Huck is running for pres and rising in the (R) polls.

Long story short, because republicans hate Bill Clinton so much, Huckabee, while Governor, with the help of a Baptist minister, Jay Cole, who also had a radio show, and Steve Dunleavy, columnist for the NY Post, whom both publicly campaigned for this rapist, Huckabee eventually released a man from prison 25 years before his time was up, who was convicted of raping a 17 yr old distant cousin of Bill Clinton's, and whose father was a big contributor to Clinton.

Several women wrote to Gov Huck and pleaded that Wayne Dumond, the rapist, not be released from prison. They too had been raped by him and warned he would do it again and possibly kill. Well the Huckster ignored these letters and in his presidential campaign he has outright lied about the circumstances of the case and lied about his receiving any letters from past victims. Columnist Steve Dunleavy wrote columns in his paper that it was outrageous this guy was being held for a 'rape that never happened'.

This entire case was very obviously based on hate for the Clintons and as we all know how vile and low Republicans can stoop, the right wing campaign to get this guy out of prison succeeded. When Huckleberry released Wayne Dumond, Wayne went on to rape again and this time he killed his 2 victims. He was caught and sent back to prison where he died in 2005.

This article also entails Huckabee's and his office's attempt to cover up any details of this case that could hurt him, trying to get other agencies to turn over all their paperwork on this case to the Gov's ofc, (so those files wouldn't be avail to anyone in the press in the future, which could hurt Huckabee).

On the topic of Iran's non nuke state that the NIE has finally released, this is more proof that Huckabee is completely unqualified to be president, along with his disgraceful attempts at humor in his campaign commercials, on such a serious subject as becoming president.
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