Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Democrat recount of votes in New Hampshire is finished

I've been wondering why this was in the news so much and why suddenly we are hearing nothing about it. Being very conscious of the media bias against Hillary Clinton (and so pro Obama), I had a suspicion why we hadn't heard anything, and it seems I was right on target.

The recount for Dems is finished and the reason you haven't heard anything is because the recount gave Hillary more votes. Several locals it was 1 to 3 votes but in one area it was as much as 25 votes she had been cheated out of.... 25? that's ridiculous and you have to wonder...

Dennis Kucinich paid $27,000 for the recount and this could only pay for a 40% recount of votes. They ignored districts that there were no discrepancies in and did some districts where there were complaints of problems. Turns out if you view this page here, as you scroll through the figures, you'll see discrepancies in the counts, some being 3, 6 or more off. I find it odd some were off by so much, I don't want to think it was intentional.

No matter though, she won fair and square.

Now I wonder where the media coverage is on this recount, Oh, that's right, I forgot, they are pro Obama and anti Hillary 24/7.

kucinich you picked up the cost for this. We appreciate you grabbing the tab on the recount which only justifies and strengthens Hillary's win!
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