Sunday, January 6, 2008

Journalist give Obama a free ride on Charisma, forget substance, why?


What are Obama's credentials? What's his voting record? Where does he stand on the issues? Does anyone care?

Journalist are embarrassingly helping Obama get a free ride through this campaign while they handle him with kid gloves and don't hold him in check on any substance. Journalist on CNN admitted this this morning and said they were embarrassed for their profession.

Meanwhile ABC's Diane Sawyer will be spending the day with Obama tomorrow (they keep advertising) and this gives him tons of free press.

Over at MSNBC they are interviewing 'Obama's Girl' who admitted a long time ago she wasn't necessarily for Obama, she's just an actress and made a video for Hillary too. But today's interview they didn't even touch on this topic. The entire interview was based on the idea she's this big supporter of Obama (which the girl really neither admitted to or denied). When (lighltly) asked why (she supports him), the girl talked about his "charisma". MNBC's interview (the 1st time I saw it) with this girl was no more than 20 mins ago.. now they are going to replay it again. Is this a news channel or an entertainment outlet? need to answer.

Where's the substance? Where does Obama stand on the issues? Does anyone know? Does anyone care, especially with what we've been through the last 7 years?

In another note, CNN will be airing ABC's entire debate in an unpresidented programming stump, showing the entire debate from 7pm until approx midnight tonight, while Fox airs their republican "forum"... they changed the name of it from a "debate" to a "forum" because they have refused to allow Ron Paul to appear, much to the dismay of his rabid fans.

The only candidate getting more FREE PRESS than Obama is Huckabee and at least with him they do touch lightly on substance. Too lightly on substance, but more than they do with Obama.

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