Monday, February 18, 2008

Empty Suit, No Substance, Obama and his PLAGIARISM - Face it, the guy is a fake

"If Sen. Obama writes his own speeches, as claimed at the presser, how does he answer this question:

Senator Obama -- In your speech on Super Tuesday, perhaps by coincidence, you used key phrases from a 1984 speech by Jesse Jackson (“Our time has come. Our time has come” DNC), a poem by June Jordan (“we are the ones we have been waiting for” -- “Poem for South African Women”), and a song by Norman Hutchins (“a change is coming”) – but you did not credit any of them for the key lines in your speech. Isn’t this the kind of speechwriting that doomed Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in the 1980s, and why should your speeches be held to a different standard?"

MSNBC Downplays Obama Plagiarism Scandal

"The fact is that Obama's plan today is the most shameless piece of potential plagiarism that I have ever seen. He basically took Clinton's words and Clinton's policies and called them his own. If I were a professor I'd give him an F and try to get him kicked out of school for something this terrible...If I were on the Clinton team, I'd be prepping memos."

-Kevin A. Hassett, Senior Fellow and Director of Economic Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute MyDD

A Second Obama Plagiarism

(This article says "Second" but this is actually the 3rd or 4th I've come across in the last month.)
Yesterday we pondered whether Barack Obama's speechwriters lifted a line from a Robin Williams movie. Is that what he meant when he talked about "harnessing ingenuity"?, we wondered. Now Scarsdale teenager Stefan Doyno is accusing the senator of appropriating one of his lines. "Change Rocks," a phrase the Obama campaign is using as the title for a series of fund-raising concerts, also happens to be the name of Doyno's fledgling company, which sells rings with removable stones. "If the concert clothing has 'Change Rocks' on it and I'm doing clothing with 'Change Rocks' on it, then that's infringement," Doyno told the AP. Accordingly, his lawyer has sent a letter to Obama's office
Another article on Obama's empty rhetoric and plagiarism

Big Head DC -

In yet another strange twist to how the MSNBC network is covering the 2008 presidential elections, about ten minutes after 11:00 a.m. ET on Monday, an anchor briefly mentioned on-air the plagiarism controversy involving Sen. Barack Obama’s recycling of a 2006 speech by Gov. Deval Patrick. However, instead of detailing the very similar speeches, the MSNBC anchor immediately noted that Obama and Patrick have said they are close friends and regularly share lines.
The story was not explained to viewers further, and video clips comparing the similarities of the speeches were not aired. It also was not explained that even if Obama and Patrick are friends, that doesn’t mean Obama is allowed to present Patrick’s words as his own to unsuspecting audiences.
Whether MSNBC can present serious coverage of the Obama campaign has been questioned by many critics of the network to date. Some have noted that one of MSNBC’s top personalities, Mika Brzezinski, has at least two family members consulting and/or working for the Obama campaign, her father and brother.... and this is an issue she does not disclose on a regular basis when MSNBC continually shows their bias in favor of Obama.

In contrast over at CNN, Hillary supporters James Carville and Paul Begala were removed from their regular political analysis positions

"I’ve just learned that CNN has told top Dem strategists James Carville, Paul Begala, and Robert Zimmerman — who are CNN mainstays but are all Hillary supporters — that they will not be doing any more political analysis on the network until the Democratic primary has reached a conclusion.

I’m also told that this move came after the Obama campaign repeatedly complained to high level officials at CNN about the presence of Carville and Begala on the network."
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Barack Obama is a fake - One example - Compare yourself

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