Saturday, March 15, 2008

1st it was Michelle Obama's comments against the US, now Obama's pastor's rhetoric is causing many to look closer at just who is this Barack Obama guy

There is a deeper and more serious issue at the heart of this controversy that has little to do with Obama’s political views and a lot more to do with his character and judgment. In fact, he’s made his judgment a key part of his campaign. He doesn’t claim to have perfect judgment but he does insist that he gets the big things right.

But the Wright controversy and especially the responses Obama offered in all three cable interviews today raised a different kind of judgment question. Why did he stick around the Trinity United Church of Christ even if he vehemently disagreed with Rev Wright’s political sermons for so many years?

Obama's pastor, friend, and adviser has returned to what is probably an often explored theme at the Trinity United Church of Christ: the United States is the world's first and foremost evil-doer. Rev Wright in December painted a picture from the pulpit of an America that violentlyundermines global stability and peace, even going so far as to say that the US invented AIDS to ensure chaos and "grinding poverty" in Africa. Obama has not denounced his old friend and only half-heartedly denounced Louis Farrakhan, to whom Obama's church gave a lifetime achievement award recently.

Like Clinton firing Geraldine Ferraro for being completely unapologetic for some honest things she said about race, Obama has only hurt his campaign for standing by Wright. There certainly are plenty of Americans who agree with the Reverend, but there are millions and millions more who don't. Obama, if he wants to be President, needs to position himself unequivocally among the latter but to many his true colors have shown through in these situations (along with his wife's comments about not being proud of her country), and it's too late to many voters, for him to back track on these issues.
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