Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Clinton takes 3 of 4 - Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island

They keep trying but they just can't kill her off.

"Ohio has written a new chapter in the history of this campaign, and we're just getting started," Clinton told supporters in her victory speech in Ohio. "More and more people have joined this campaign, and millions of Americans haven't spoken yet. In states like Pennsylvania and so many others, people are watching this historic campaign, and they want their turn to help make history."
But Clinton hit back with a television ad aimed at raising concerns about Obama's experience, an ad juxtaposing a sleeping child with a late-night emergency call to the White House. Her campaign also jumped into the controversy over an Obama adviser's meeting with Canadian officials to discuss trade policy as the Illinois senator was calling for changes in the North American Free Trade Agreement, accusing him of telling voters one thing and the largest U.S. tradepartner another.
The attacks appeared to hit their mark: About one in three voters in the Texas and Ohio primaries made up their minds in the last week, and those who did broke heavily for Clinton.

"Obama gave his adversaries a big gift when he stumbled and mismanaged this NAFTA issue in a state that's economically pressed," said CNN contributor Paul Begala, a Clinton backer. "Hillary moved ahead on that, and I think that's why we're calling Ohio for her tonight." CNN
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