Friday, March 7, 2008


As Monstergate unfolds, Obama's senior foreign policy adviser Samantha Power has resigned over her recent comments; 1-Calling Hillary a monster in front of reporters then saying it was "off the record", then 2-Saying Obama wasn't prepared to take on the job of dealing with international relations and security.

The link above to has all the juicy details to get caught up.

Meanwhile as Hillary's double digit lead in Pennsylvania is growing, Obama holds a huge lead in Mississippi's upcoming caucus. The voter turnout there is expected to be 55% black with 89% of those supporting Obama.

Also it appears Michigan intends to redo their election that gave Hillary a lead of 50+ % against a 40% "uncommitted" vote for other candidates. Instead of the primary they intend to do this redo as a caucus which highly favors Obama winning this time. It is imo, a dangerous move the Dem party is taking in allowing revotes that cater to Obama.

Don't like the vote turnout? Well hey, we'll just redo it to fit your preferences!
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