Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ted Kennedy suffers a seizure, not a stroke (updated)

Teddy boy has suffered a stroke and coverage on CNN has been nonstop promotional clips of Kennedy and Obama. Has Kennedy done nothing else in the last 40 years except endorse Obama? Can CNN find no other pics or nothing else to talk about besides Kennedy with Obama? They are playing this nonstop including endless repeats of statements from "Obama" or "Obama's campaign" on Kennedy's illness.

Typical and disgraceful of our news media. Fulfill their agenda- use Kennedy's illness to talk NON STOP ABOUT OBAMA.

Update: now they are referring to it as a "seizure" and is under medical observation at a Boston hospital. Reports are he was flown to Mass General.

Also at the same time this is going on, Judicial Watch is holding a conference which is just finishing up on C-Span, discussing the way media has covered the '08 campaign. There were some rather outspoken comments on how Obama and his campaign are playing the race card and making Super Delegates feel obligated to vote for "the black guy". (Glad to see others are noticing the rampant bias in the media coverage overall.)
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