Sunday, May 11, 2008

Typical sexism and misogyny in this politcal race to simply hand this race to the 'black guy'

Hillary Clinton as described by the media:

the nutcracker
"sister Frigidaire," crazy, grossly ruthless
shrill, petulant, whiny spoiled brat.
" fight the urge "to punch her in the face."
Bob Ellis compiled a list of what he doesn't like:
Her towering frigidity, blazing hubris, bellowing mendacity, varying accent from region to region, her high school-standard acting and ceaseless haughty impersonation of Debbie Reynolds have got me properly simmering, and her confident thick-witted fist-in-the-face oratory, in a voice a Spectator columnist once well described as "a half-shout", puts me in mind on some nights of the full moon like the one outside my window of the baleful, cruel contralto of my old lost love Bronwyn Bishop.

She is a stranger to consistency, sincerity and (at a guess) oral sex, [...] and (it was wittily observed on CNN this week) knows in the end about as much about the inner workings of Executive Government as the White House pastry cook.

And of course there's the endless Chris Matthews

Will Wheton thinks Clinton is "the psycho ex-girlfriend of the democratic party," but don't call him sexist for saying that:
And allow me to just head something off right now that's already come up on Twitter: I'm not sexist. This isn't sexist. That's a stupid straw man, and if you try to make that claim, I will point and laugh at you.

Political empty pundits have played of Chris Rock's self loathing of being black (he whines alot in his routines about poor ole he and the due we whites owe him and his like), he of course supports Obama cuz after all, he's black! Taking from his routine the pundits have carried on the Glen Close character likeness to Hillary Clinton:
Jake Tapper wrote about the new pattern: Clinton as Alex Forrest in 'Fatal Attraction
Then came Rep. Cohen, an Obama backer, who answered a question about Sen. Clinton this way: "Glenn Close should have just stayed in the tub." Yes: die, already.

The "Glenn Close in 'Fatal Attraction'" analogy brings with it a whole carousel's worth of baggage given the meme at the time of the release of "Fatal Attraction" that, as the late great Pauline Kael wrote in the New Yorker at the time, the "film is about men seeing feminists as witches."

Is it sexism, and not Clinton-hate? Really? Not even when Chris Matthews provides the devilish horns and refers to her as a “She-Devil”?

When Hillary mentions the historical value of this race she's accused of playing the "gender card" as well documented here: Sexism watch against the Clinton campaign

There have been so many references by cable news pundits regarding her change of temperment every month that could jeopardize world relations in a crisis- they are ignorantly showing the misogynist assholes they can be, referring to the monthly cycle of a woman, and stupidly not considering that Hillary is likely beyond menopause.. which shouldn't matter either way.

Oh, and fuck liberal extremist Randi Rhodes too.

From a poster-
But now its time to be serious. You Clintonians need to pack up those tents and get the hell out. And. AND....

All you Catholic types need to start saying your Rosary to Obie. Muslims need to track his jet on the internet to know which way to knell....5 times a day to boot. You Jews, I'd start...We're not going to joke about the Jews. Just be careful.

You down south Baptist crackers, you about to get yours unhuh!!!

It's a brand new, Brave New World and you better make sure you be thinking right...or you will be think.... wright.

And if you cough, you are a racist. If you complain you are a racist. If you descent they'll find out who are, where you work, where you pray and YOU WILL PAY. Ask Ferraro.

It's all in the interest of Change We Can Believe In. Other views, although certainly tolerated traditionally, have to the interest of the greater good. If you are a wright thinkin' person we know you'll understand.

All hail Obie, these 57 states praise only you.

Tony Mann
Clinton supporter

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