Tuesday, May 13, 2008

West Virginia doesn't matter according to the MSM

Today Chris Matthews called West Virginian's " illiterate in many cases". Then he and his obamabots cohorts went on to discuss (and ask), 'what does Hillary want?'.

While Obama completely ignored WV intentionally, so he can claim he lost by such a huge margin because he didn't campaign there, a closer look would reveal he opened twice as many campaign offices in that state than Hillary did.

Polls will be closing soon.

UPdate: as expected Hillary mopped the floor with Obama in WV winning by a 41% margin (with 94% of the votes counted). Obama won none of the districts and took less than 15% in all of them. She won them all.

Of course all the media is saying it doesn't matter and they've moved onto Obama's general election campaign and how and when will Hillary give her concession speech. They are all pathetic obamabots.

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