Monday, June 30, 2008

"The Anti PUMA" blog by a young Obambi gives me the chuckles

So there's a new blog getting some blog reviews. It's promoting an online petition to STOP PUMA and expose them for the frauds they (supposedly) are! Well I've stated many times that the minute you hear "online petition" you know what degree of comprehension your dealing with from these people (any people with petitions online), because online petitions have zero value. Why? because one person can sign it 200 times with different user names and fake addresses and different emails that's why! They are child's play. But hey, let the petition happy-types have their fun... and serve me some pretend tea in my Barbie cup and scones while we're at it.

Ok, so let's take a closer look at this Anti PUMA blog that has some bloggers in a tizzy. (Personally I think the originator's of the PUMA name/network should feel proud they are recognized and others feel so threatened by them!)

The blog was put together by a writer/photographer/"political pundit" wannabe. Her address and phone number (and email) were easy enough to find online, (along with the date she created the site, June 29th, 2008) but I see no reason to go that route. Let's just say she's from St. Pete, Florida. She claims to be a writer and a photographer. She claims to be a teenage mom but that doesn't add up in one of her profiles from 2007 that says she's 21 (and her baby was approx 1 yr old in 2007). So let's say she lied about her age in that one profile I read and let's say she's around 18 or 19 yrs old... So, we're supposed to kowtow to some 19 yr old loose party girl with a kid who wants to tell us who we can and cannot vote for? Or organize against?


She apparently lives in humble surroundings, was married for a (very short) while and divorced (husband hooked up with old gf). Her education - she spent a couple minutes some time at St. Pete College from 2005-2006. Her claim to fame is being published in some online Women's journal, and from what I've browsed through (mostly boring and unreadable imo) she's obsessed with sex in her writings.

In some places on the web she goes by "chrisbee" and seems to add her profile on a lot of websites - here are a couple samples of her profile:
Member since Apr 10, 2007 I'm Christina, I smoke, I drink, I have a foul mouth, I like to go dancing with the girls come home half shitfaced and post sweaty only to climb on top of my husband and procreate. I am chick -lit and rock n roll all collided into one. I write a column for a woman's online publication and I have a blog which I detail my life as a teenage wife and mother along with why I am probably better than everyone else.... ever.
Then there's this one:
Something About Me
I am a teenage wife and mom with a lot on my mind. Also an online columnist I am chasing a dream to become published. I spill the beans about love, life, and well, being better than everyone... ever.
One of her posts seems to show her ignorance disdain for "old people" ... and one has to wonder what is "old" to her... 43? 51? 56? Who knows!

She doesn't have the wisdom, the common sense to hide her identity online for obvious reasons. It took all of 20 seconds to pull up her address and phone number. It took another few seconds to find her on Youtube where she posted some cute videos of her adorable baby girl.

Another pathetic side of this, here is a young woman, with a baby girl, and sadly she doesn't get it, all of it, any of it. She's too damn young to have a clue what we've been bitching about and outraged over in this election season. There is nothing we can say or do to make someone like this get a clue.

So this is the intellectual behind the attempt to stop PUMA. Are you laughing yet? Come on - it's worth a chuckle!

Wisdom, common sense, ability to read between the lines, to look beyond what (seems) to be there (like the sales pitch from the media or on Obama's website) - these skills come with age? Education? Worldly travels? Being in the job market a long time? Being around politics (and salesmen) a long time? Just many years of life experience? A little bit of all that and more? Whatever it is that brings us enough depth to see through the messiah crap, this woman girl out to expose PUMA doesn't have it. Any of it.

I'm still chuckling at the whole premise of her website though. When I size up obamabots sight unseen, she's the epitomy of what I expected.

I truly debated on exposing any real info on her, but I went to her No PUMA website and she exposes her identity yet again on the web... Sobeit.

In one of her posts where she claims to expose PUMA as a Republican backed group, she adds a comment to her posters:
christinacedeno Says:
June 29, 2008 at 1:12 am
George Bush was NEVER an empty suit politician and your queen Bee is a republican GOP slime ball! And you are too deep in the trees to see the forrest!
She's a writer don't ya know! She wants to be published. Weren't her words rivoting and inspirational?

....oh, but I digress -

She's just making a complete ass of herself. The first time I saw the site I assumed it was put together by some young foolish obamabot who doesn't know shit from applebutter... and alas, she turns out to be exactly what I assumed. Some young punk who thinks she has the wisdom to tell us who our president should be, because she knows better than us... she has all that education and years of political experience to go on don't ya know!

She's a kid. A punk. She doesn't know shit from applebutter.

PUMA and any other true American who gives a damn what happens this election season isn't going to role over, shut up and die to satisfy the youthful foolish demands of some punk like this one, or the many others who have keyed our cars, and attempted to shut down our blogs. The media's just a horses ass in Obama's butt and they stroll along in line with the bots like this one, but like it or not, we're not going to go away and be quiet.

We'll keep exposing the lies, and the truths about Obama.

Deal with it.
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