Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Barack H Obama

Look I feel it's important to include this video but I do not believe in the exploitation of his middle name.

King Hussein of Jordan was a dear friend of this country until his death. He married an American woman 30 yrs his junior. She is known as Queen Norah and her son is the new king of Jordan. Though he is more hard line than his father with his Muslim upbringing, and he's not as cordial to our country as his dad was, he remains a loyal ally to our country and a middle man between our culture and the Middle East.

We must understand that there are many other valid reasons why Barack should not be president, and we must consider that the name "Hussein" is as common and generic in the middle east as "John Smith" is in this country.

I cannot say I approve of this entire video, but parts of it are quite valid. Parts of it are NOT. exp: the flag pin bullshit is juvenile to bring up and the hand over the heart crap.. Let me tell you something, I'm old enough that we grew up when respecting our flag and anthem and proper behavior towards both was taught and essential. PUTTING YOUR HAND OVER YOUR HEART DURING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM IS NOT CORRECT PROTOCOL.

How can we respect a video fully, that has one half valid points and one half complete nonsense trying to invoke fear? Sticking to facts instead of propaganda should be plenty to make the point that Obama should not be our president.

That said, here's a striking video:

Note: In one section of this video Obama is interviewed regarding Don Imus's remarks on MSNBC morning radio/tv show that got him fired. I must say that still deeply irks me, that whole drama that blew up over Imus's remarks, because on a daily basis Imus (and one of his on air cohorts) referred to Hillary Clinton as Hitler, and NO ONE ever spoke up or out about that. I am still outraged beyond words over this... (that) this was allowed to go on, and I'll never forgive the network (NBC), or Imus, or the public for not demanding a stop to it, which WAS a bigger deal than his one time off remark about some black women basketball players.

The comparison and how one got so much attention and the other one was accepted is unacceptable.
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