Monday, June 2, 2008

Barack Obama's Nation of Islam problem

Obama cannot, will not, be the next president, if sadly he is handed this nomination.
Here is Larry Johnson at NoQuarter's Monday morning post we've been waiting for over the weekend. The site loads slowly due to heavy traffic. Below are some of the highlights.

*The tape of Michelle and her "whitey" rants exist. Don't doubt it. They are in the hands of a wealthy Republican who wants to use it in October. Will it be released early? Not sure (but hoping).

*The Obama's explicit relationship (and it is a relationship, not some passing knowledge of this/these person/people) with Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam is easily provable. It is easily provable that Barack Obama has yet again lied, out right lied about his connections to various groups/people.

*Rezko fits into this story

*The tape may be in the hands of an ex Republican nominee for president who has money and connections (your guess is as good as mine!)

I cannot post more details because Larry's site is CRASHED yet again! If I can get back onto his site I'm going to copy his whole dang post for reference and validate it before (god knows who) may make his site disappear.
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