Friday, June 13, 2008

Barack's half brother, Malik Obama, says Barack is a Moslem

So who's the liar here? A) obambi who has a history of lying, or B) his cute half brother with the big grin who speaks fondly of his brother, Obambi the Moslem ?

You decide

To many people it is not the religion, it's the lying about ones association with that religion. If you are born into a Moslem household, some argue that you are born a Moslem and can never really undo this heritage. If this is true, why does Barack keep lying about it?

Will Obambi now call his half brother a liar? He does have a habit of lying and throwing people under the big obambi bus when it suits his needs.

Just like this past topic I posted on, regarding Jim Johnson who was one of 3 seeking a VP for Obama. Johnson had to resign after questionable loans he received and then Obambi claimed Johnson was never a part of his campaign! - wow, just wow !
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