Saturday, June 28, 2008

Bill Gates Logs Off - Devotes more time to his philanthropic endeavors

Better late than never - An acknowledgement a little over due
King of geeks, the face of a genius, makes the rest of us look quite stupid...

Bill Gates Retires

Bill Gates - Looking Back Play on your WMP (First video here, 15 minutes long is a great place to start)

The original 13

Bill Gates influence on life as we know it today is unmeasurable. His philanthropic work earned him and his wife Times Man (and Woman) of the year. Now Bill is retiring .... and how can we not mention it, since we're mentioning it, here, because of him?

A list of Bill Gates Top 10 Hits and Misses from Engadget.

The idea of creative capitalism combines business interests with philanthropic interests and is related to social entrepreneurship, which seeks the same goals.

Bill Gates influence on China continues

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs on stage together in 2007

This video highlight seems to focus more on Jobs than Gates so here's a link to ftbotsb's Youtube page where more of this conference is video taped. This is truly history in the making to watch. You have one of the inventors of the home pc and the guy who brought you the everyday software, that made pc's user friendly. The king of Apple and the king of Microsoft make these videos quite entertaining to watch.

Noted by Wired and according to Forbes - (While you're not considered hip unless you use a Mac, which costs 2x more and gives you half as much as any pc/laptop running Windows), it's notable that Steve Jobs, your founder and CEO of Apple, the 67th richest man in America and 194th richest in the world - is not even listed on the list of philanthropic donors, (nor is his wife), while Bill Gates and his wife are the top donors to philanthropic charities around the world, most noted their work in Africa and the plights of people dealing with AIDS.

..But great wealth does not make a great man.

Giving USA Foundation, a philanthropy research group which publishes an annual charity survey, said Jobs does not appear on lists of gifts of $5 million or more over the last four years. Nor is his name on a list of gifts of $1 million or more compiled by Indiana University's Center on Philanthropy.

Jobs' wife is also absent from these philanthropic lists, although she has made dozens of political donations totaling tens of thousands of dollars to the Democrats...

It's suggested that Jobs (may) make numerous donations anonymously of course.

Bill's last days:

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