Monday, June 16, 2008

Did Patti Solis Doyle intentionally sabotage the Clinton campaign to fail? Was she on the Obama team all along?

This is a stunning and legitimate brief question asked by Larry Johnson at the end of this excellent post tonight on Obama's "fuck you" to Clinton by bringing Doyle in now, and doing something no candidate in history has done and that's bring her in as a chief of staff to a yet to be picked VP choice, instead of letting that person pick their own.

This entire campaign season is beyond recognition to anyone who's slushed through past campaign seasons. I don't know which is more stunning, this entire nightmare, or the fact that once again we have ignorant, blind voters flocking like brainless sheep behind their new messiah and ignoring all the importing details surrounding that person and their (his) actions.

All the new posters on NoQuarter are bringing the site down to a level it shouldn't be, but on the occasion Larry posts himself, it's worth reading and reminds me of what the site originally brought to the table. Today's post is a good and must read.

New York Observer offered this catchy title, Clinton Bundler on Obama’s Doyle Pick: The Biggest ‘Fuck You’ Ever. Can you feel the warmth? Now there is hope we can believe in.

I have been told by well connected Democrats that some senior Democrats in the Senate are beside themselves at the petulance and immaturity of Barack.

UPDATE: Was Doyle a mole? Did she deliberately sabotage the Hillary campaign? Turns out she had worked with David Axlerod, Obama’s guy and her brother is a Chicago alderman and she worked for Richard Daley. Did she deliberately tank Hillary’s campaign and betray the trust put in her? Legitimate questions.
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