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Is Barack Obama Chauncey Gardner?

First written in 2006 - This is worthy a reprint.

Barack Hussein Obama plays the race card early and often

Being There's protagonist, Chauncey Gardner, is a one of the great characters in modern fiction. He is a simpleton who utters banalities that are taken as profundities by the media. Gardner’s meteoric rise tracks the same trail traveled by Obama.

Is Obama a simpleton, or just another shrewd con man, working the American people the same way he has worked the system in the past? Is “Obamatics” just the latest snake oil being sold by a racial huckster? Could be. Perhaps reading the Chicago Sun-Times can help us.

Lynn Sweet is a Washington reporter for the Sun-Times. She is a true believer in the Obama crusade. She is the founding mother and unofficial “soccer mom” of Obama’s rise to media imperviousness. But sometimes true believers have a way of innocently betraying the truth about their charges. Sweet may have done so in New Hampshire.

I read the Chicago Tribune’s account of Obama’s trip to New Hampshire. Christi Parsons had no mention of Obama agonistes as a racial exploiter. Adam Nagourney of the New York Times similarly missed Obama saying “race is a factor.”

But Lynn sweet did report Obama playing the race card. Sweet quoted B. Hussein as saying “minority candidates have ‘a higher threshold in establishing themselves with voters.’” Well.

That is a laughable claim but a shrewd use of the race card to position Obama for future manipulation of the electoral process.

The truth is exactly the opposite. Obama is being “seriously” considered because he is a racial curiosity. No white man with his tepid professional accomplishments would be considered as a serious candidate for president or showered with the attention Obama receives.

Obama graduated from Harvard Law School and became a “community organizer.” Why is it that minority communities are perpetually seen as being in need of “organizers?” Are they perpetually “disorganized?” What did Obama organize?

Obama is a lawyer who probably has never tried a serious lawsuit, and probably would have a hard time drafting an appellate brief. He rose to prominence by exploiting the fact of his abandonment by a father who was also a successful racial huckster. Barack and his wife are attractive ornaments in Chicago’s vibrant multicultural society, where many qualified and experienced and competent black African-Americans are ignored and obscured by Obama’s shadow.

Obama can best be compared to another salesman of “hope,” John F. Kennedy, who ran for president in 1960. By then, Kennedy had served 14 years in Congress, not two. He had served in a war and been grievously wounded, not been an “organizer” who never organized anything. Kennedy had experienced life, and near-death. What has Obama experienced? Very little, it seems.

For him to claim that the barriers are higher, that the bar is higher for him to succeed, is nonsense. It is crass racialism. Obama is a product of the very “24-hour…small-minded politics” that he decries. “Barry” Obama? Makes a great speech. Absent the cablemeisters, Obama would be an obscure state senator in Springfield. He is the ultimate product of shrewd marketing and a pliable public, not the opposite.

The New York Times quoted one breathless New Hampshire admirer as saying “I was very impressed with the fact that he wants to bring people together.” Betsy Shultis was identified as a “former” state representative. Maybe that’s why she is easily impressed. Has anyone recently run on a platform of trying to separate people? Is the Republican “base” any different in concept than the Democratic “base?” Not really.

Chauncey Gardner is a blood brother to Obama. Platitudes, bunkum, snake oil; Gardner and Obama share a common parent.

Two years ago it was pointed out that Obama came from a Muslim family and that he misrepresented the impoverished origins of his father. No one wanted to pay attention to the facts or the truth. On December 5th Sweet wrote that Obama was not hiding his middle name, “Hussein,” or his father’s religion. Obama may not have hidden it, but the media did. They didn’t want to bore voters with the facts about Mr. Obama.

Obama only plays the “dad” card when it serves him. No mention of dad’s religion or the Hussein family name when the klieg lights are on. (Ellison, by the way, is a convert to Islam, just as Obama is a convert to Christianity. Or does Obama have his “white” relatives to thank for that?)

There was an orgy of media attention when Obama went to Kenya last summer. But, funny, I don’t seem to remember a similar orgy when Obama made a visit to his mother’s home town. He probably hasn’t been there recently. Only Dorothy wants to return to Kansas.

When Obama visited New York last week, Cindy Adams wrote that his movements were as tightly controlled as those of a president. “Retail politics in New Hampshire?”

Obama is the most closely scripted and controlled person in the media spotlight today. He is about as “retail” as the gold vault at Fort Knox.

Barack/Barry seems to have fooled New Hampshire. Don’t let him fool you. Unless, of course, you want to be fooled. Personally, I would rather believe in Santa Claus or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer than Barack Hussein Obama.

In short, Obama is media construct who will disappoint a lot of people when the truth comes out. Keep reading, and please don’t be a true believer unless and until you know the truth about Obama.

Chauncey Gardner for president! Vote hope! Vote change! And as we say in Chicago, “vote early and often!”

ah, ah, ah, great speech Bush Barry -


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