Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Just curious, why is there no American Flag on Obama's official website, or, our American Bald Eagle?

As I posted in an early blogpost, it seems that our younger generation is dangerously lacking in civic's lessons. I don't think they care, or understand how odd, how questionable it is that this candidate for president has no sign of our American flag nor our national bird on his website. This totally struck me as very concerning. Look at his main webpage:

For anyone who thinks this is trivial or silly, then you are seriously lacking in national integrity, pride in your country and patriotism.. and I'm not some freeking bush-sheep.. I'm a liberal! But this is ridiculous! No flag? A bird but not our national bird the Bald Eagle? WTF? How can people be so unconcerned with what the hell this guy is up to when you consider all these extremist who have come into his life through the years.. WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU FOOLS WHO SUPPORT HIM? WAKE THE FUCK UP!

Can you think of another powerful leader anywhere in the world who made an effort to gain the attention and support of children? Can you not think of any danger in this? Who does this!


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