Monday, June 2, 2008

Louis Farrakhan

I grabbed 3 videos off of YouTube regarding Farrakhan, neither of the 1st 2 are indepth on anything, and both are reasonably short. I didn't even bother to look to see who posted these, if they were Repub or Dem, Obama supporter or other, etc. The first is very pro Farrakhan, the 2nd is very brief and shows just a few of his controversial remarks.

The 3rd video is a sermon by Louis Farrakhan preaching in front of a huge crowd, saying that even though this generation of whites aren't responsible for their (blacks) oppression, we owe them restitution for it (in various forms - being money? an apology? jobs not qualified for? a presidency?) You have to judge for yourself how to interpret his words.. I'm not trying to do it for you.

Aside from that, people need to realize and accept that Obama is in fact attached to this man through years of a personal "spiritual" relationship, along with other (obviously) controversial characters. What will the concerns and priorities of Obama's administration be exactly?

Below are excerpts of an article by Louis Farrakhan.

What does America and Europe Owe?

In this long but interesting article of Farrakhan's, he discusses what we owe his race because the wealth we have is due to their slavery. It's a good read, too many particular statements stick out to me and others will stick out in your mind as well. Here's a few samples:
"In order to gain reparations, one must appeal to a government that may or may not listen. But the Honorable Elijah Muhammad taught us that, when we lie down, justice lies down with us, and when we get up, justice gets up with us."

"In fact, the Qur’an is a verifier of the Truth of the Torah and the Gospel. That’s why every one of you should have a Qur’an and you should read it because it verifies exactly what God revealed through the mouths of His prophets in the Bible."

"In my brother, Randall Robinson’s book, entitled, “The Debt,” he said that unless White people are willing to look at slavery and the impact that slavery has on Black people’s present mental, moral, spiritual, social and economic condition, we will never heal the racial divide in this country."

"This is why I was begging Allah (God) to please guide my words during this message because it is not my intention to make Black people sad over slavery or make White people mad over slavery. However, some White people do not know what happened to Black people in slavery, or why they are in the privileged position that they are in today based on what happened to us—this is what I am hoping that Black and White will consider. For if America is unwilling to look at the horror of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and what happened to us as a people, there will never be a chance for good relations between Black and White people.

The current relationship is not a good one—it’s a “go along to get along” relationship. I do not want to get along if I just have to go along with the terrible treatment that’s being handed to me and our people in American life."

"If the government of the United States first, Congress, the Supreme Court, state legislatures and governors, are willing to look at the problem, they will discover something that will give them a different thought about what is justice and why Black people continue to cry out for justice."
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