Friday, June 20, 2008

Obama caves - Reps, Dems, cower on FISA Bill - turn their back on our rights - They back bill giving ammunity to telecoms

Illegal spying on citizens of a free nation. That is what this is all about. Government agencies have always needed a court warrant to do this, they could even in emergencies go ahead and wire tap into your phone and still had 72 hours, 3 days to then go to a judge and say they needed to do it immediately and had no time to get the warrant first.

After the insanity that followed 9/11 and the many laws and rights the Bush administration abused on their own accord, there were several telecoms who were complicit in helping the Bush administration illegally wire tap citizens. They've never been held accountable, not the administration nor the telecoms. Today the congress coward with their votes and decided not to pursue action against the administration nor the telecoms, all of whom broke the law. Obambi joined in on this complicity of cowardice

Barack Obama, your guy of "change" and "honesty in government" votes with these cowards to allow illegal spying to continue along with no consequences for those who have already done it.

Good job Obambi! yeh, you're real different from the same ole politician we're used to!


Also Crooks and Liars has some video on this topic with Keith O and Turley.

Here's the Roll Call on the FISA Vote.

In February when a first vote came up on this measure, Barack Obama conveniently didn't vote and once again took a pass on taking a stand. Big surprise? No not at all.

Obama's backing of "worst Blue Dog in the country", John Barrow just adds to the list of his questionable support for candidates (fought to keep Lieberman over Lamont, when Dems across the country were supporting a Lamont takeover) and this adds to his questionable support (or not voting) on bill after bill.
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