Monday, June 30, 2008

Obama snubs the DLC in Chicago this past weekend

Just like the DNC has disenfranchised (snubbed) half its members - karma's a bitch eh?

You know who the DNC is, but most probably have never heard of the DLC. They are a powerful group organized within the DNC in the 1980's to counter the extreme liberal branch. They seek out candidates to make their agenda's more centralized, more financially responsible by pulling in the reigns on senseless spending and oversized budgets. They promote more of a centralized stern approach to national security (rather than the RNC so far to the right on military goals and the DNC far to the left, seemingly being all flower power and not interested in national security). They are not the liberal wing of the DNC. They are more recognized as the centrist's branch.

(The largest voting block in this country are independents, not Democrats or Republicans. The idea is to find common ground with more voters in order to have a successful campaign season.)

The DLC carry a lot of weight, a lot of power, and hold meetings to discuss their agenda, the promotion of Democratic candidates into future elections, and they meet with the big name candidates to discuss the future of the party, the agenda, and the issues.

This weekend the group was in Chicago with the intent to meet on Obama's home turf to discuss issues and future plans, and he snubbed them. (Mind you he was in town at the time.) Obama was in Chicago on Sunday, but he took the day off as the centrist Democrats discussed such topics as energy policy and national security. He traveled to Missouri on Monday to give a speech about patriotism. (His version of 'patriotism' like his Wright and Ayers connections?)

He didn't attend last year's annual meeting of the centrist Democratic group either.

This is a big deal. While the media spends too much air time whining about Gen Clark's comments about McCain, topics like this aren't even mentioned. I assume, they assume (and they are right sadly) that the general public has no clue the infrastructure of the party, who the DLC is, or who it's members are, how the process works, what makes it function and succeed within the party.

The media disenfranchised the trust of the American people who expect them to get all the news out, all the facts released on any important issue (or candidate) with straight forward unbiased reporting.

The DNC disenfranchised a huge chunk of their voters making it clear they didn't really give a damn what the voters wanted or had to say. The DNC had pre-picked their candidate before the primary season even began and no one was going to stop them from getting what they wanted. Party organization, power was their agenda. Not the American people, not the American voter, not the well being of this country. They are the same as the RNC- their #1 priority is THE organization, not the people, not the process.

Barack Obama disenfranchised the Democratic voters. The bully's who ride shotgun in his shadow did anything and everything to win caucuses including fraud and intimidation and even locking voters out who supported Clinton. Obama used similar tactics when running for senate when his thugs kept any opposition from running against him. Obama is all about power, big, big, political power, black power. He is a man who wrote his own memoirs at the age of 34. He's an elitest, and arrogant self promoter. He thirsts for power and let nothing stand in his way, including voters (unless of course they side with him in the first place).

After disenfranchising the Democratic voters, Barack Obama disenfranchised the Democratic Party. He supposedly owns it now so I hear. This empty suit with no credentials, no resume, no experience (except his business dealings with criminals), has somehow been handed the keys to the party. The Dem voters were spit on by the DNC and Obama. The only successful Democratic president in the last 40 years was tossed aside by the DNC and with Obama's blessing.. such patriotism! In the round and round process of disenfranchising everyone, Obama has now disenfranchised an important part of the DNC, the DLC.

He's taken the keys to the party, moved it to his hometown, Chicago, where the most corrupt politics in this nation has gone on for many years and of which there is proof he's played his part in some of that corruption. He's taken over the party that disenfranchised their voters, and now that he owns the party he's disenfranchised them.

He's the new king, the new messiah. He owns you. ..and the obamabots who flock to his feet and swoon at his every word ("hope" "change" "hope" "change") have no clue what danger lurks around the corner with this process playing out and no one stepping up to the plate to stop the madness.

People will always wonder how Hitler got the youth to follow him, how Jim Jones got his colony to drink the kool aid and feed it to their children, and some day people will look back and wonder what the hell happened here in 2008 when the unvetted Obama managed to manipulate his young flock into such a zombie state of mind, that he could tell them to go out and destroy the opposition at any cost, at ANY costs.... and they'd do it without ever questioning the motives, the fallout, the repercussions...

and then there's the agenda - just what is it exactly ?
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