Friday, June 6, 2008

The Press angry at their messiah because he blew them off for Clinton meeting?

They'll get over it because they luvvvv their messiah who brings them donuts and tells jokes with them.
Reporters traveling with Barack Obama were none too happy to find out he was meeting with Hillary Clinton last night, as they were about to take off in a candidate-less plane from Washington’s Dulles airport.

The traveling press pool spent at least five minutes grilling Obama spokesman Robert Gibbs about the meeting, and the campaign’s unwillingness to send at least a reporter or two along with Sen. Obama.

Now the presumptive Democratic nominee, custom dictates that Obama should be treated the same way as the president — never being without at least a few pool reporters traveling with him.

“If the president goes bike riding, we go with him. If he goes out to dinner or goes to visit a friend three blocks up the road, we go with him in the motorcade,” one reporter told Gibbs. “That’s the expectation in a general election, and that’s the way it’s been with previous candidates.”
video of media bitching to Obama spokesman

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