Friday, June 6, 2008

The RBC violations of DNC rules for committee over Florida and Michigan

The Confluence has listed the violations of the RBC meeting that disenfranchised Clinton's campaign.
That’s because, in violation of the DNC charter, a secret meeting was held, and secret votes were taken — violations of specific Charter “sunshine rules” provisions. A deal was struck among Obama supporters on the committee to completely ignore what is known as the “fair reflection” rule (see link for detailed list), and to treat the constituency groups that had provided Hillary Clinton with considerable margins in two states (Hispanic/Latino voters, older voters, women, Jewish voters in Florida, older voters, working class voters, rural voters, and women in Michigan) as “half voters”.

What all this adds up to is that the resolutions passed at the afternoon session can have no effect because the decisions themselves were made in secret in a corrupt manner that Obama’s supporters could not have done in public. The corruption of Alice Germond, James Roosevelt, and Alexis Herman, all of whom had a responsibility to stop the private “illegal” meeting and reconvene in public as scheduled, disqualifies them from any further participation in Democratic Party affairs.

Barack Obama and his supporters on the committee engineered a deal in secret to disenfranchise constituency groups that have consistently supported Democrats – and who have consistently supported Hillary Clinton during this primary season. These key constituencies were treated as “half citizens” in Florida and Michigan solely to benefit Obama.
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