Thursday, July 17, 2008

Chicago politics - dirty politics - it's all the dirty-ridden Obama knows

What do Blair Hull, Jack Ryan, Alice Palmer have in common? Throw Hillary Clinton and John Edwards in that mix of dirty politics that was thrown at them. The topic of dirty games his campaign has used against Hillary and Edwards are bad enough but his dirty unethical immoral political tactics in Chicago should make any good American, any REAL AMERICAN who believes in freedom and the right to have your vote counted, should hate this prick.

Keep in mind that CNN and especially this commentator Don Lemon drool over Obama. Don just loves him on a daily basis and CNN's been despicable in their non vetting of Obama. It's amazing they ran this piece at all. Why wasn't it run during the primaries instead of now? Why isn't this a top story in all media and out there every day to show how dirty and dangerous and arrogant and unqualified the Obama campaign is? Just what is his agenda exactly?

Notice CNN's way of softening the story by using at the bottom of the screen the phrase "Obama's fighting spirit".

"Spirit"? are you kidding me? is this hard hitting unbiased news? "Spirit"? give me a fucking break - It's thuggery with a team of elitist attorneys to hide behind.

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